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Christy Jones
Christy Jones
Breakthrough Coach

About the Instructor

I love the way I sparkle in that sacred place where fear disappears and I am most free to be me! Years of doing “soul work,” has given me an amazing gift . . . permission to trust myself more, love harder, give greater, ask for what I want and stand for more . . . truth!


Throughout my own personal journey, I evicted insecurity by confronting the disappointments in my heart, exposing paralyzing fear and uprooting age-old lies. Courage, boldness and promise took up residence and my soul’s purpose flourished.


My passion is to help people such as yourself connect with the spirit within, uncover your personal truths, learn to trust your divine greatness and create love without limits! I am a champion for love and for people like you who are bold enough to expand your compass in order to experience the BEST life has waiting for you!


I am just like you. I love to be happy and seize moments where I am completely in love, things are smooth and life is good. My life became amazing when I really understood who God created me to be and began accessing the power and authority He gave me to thrive in life! I am now living my greatest purpose as a wife to Adrian, mommy to Skye, Blaze and Hayes and encourager to women, men and couples all over the world!


I am 100% convinced that we are born champions; we only need the proper training to get us in “fighting” shape! So…let’s get ready to rumble!




Christy Little Jones, MS



Have you allowed FEAR to delay your breakthrough and postpone your progress towards what God has called you to do?
Are you comfortable being vulnerable with your heart or does the thought of opening up to love make you want to run and hide?
Are you unfulfilled in two or more areas of your life and feel like you are just "holding on" until this season passes?
Have you lived to please others by shrinking in your power in order to gain approval, validation or love?
Have you allowed procrastination to keep you stuck in the same place, season after season?
Are you going through life on auto-pilot, not even present to enjoy the moment-by-moment process God is taking you through to grow you and teach you?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you are not here by accident.

It's your time, it's your season for transformation!

My name is Christy and I am just like you. FEAR has been a bully in my life for way too long and I have handed over my power, my dreams, my goals and my desires.

For years, I was a chronic people pleaser and I sacrificed who God created me to be, in order to identify myself as what others wanted me to be.

I know you have come face-to-face with FEAR too and I know it has held you back, inspired procrastination and prevented you from listening to God. Fear is the culprit that has been delaying your breakthrough and postponing God's promise in your life. FEAR has been the one that convinced you to give up, give in and stop pursing your heart's desires.

In the 14 years I have been coaching women and couples, I have discovered there is a deeper rooted issue that we need to address in order to experience the change, my client's desire.

Not too long ago, FEAR became too much for me! Fear of saying no, fear of saying yes, fear of not having enough, fear of not being able to compete, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of being wrong, fear of not being good enough, fear of not doing the right thing, fear of missing out and fear of being fake! It was TOO MUCH! I couldn't think, I couldn't move forward, I was forced to JUST BE STILL.

It was in that stillness that God showed me exactly how fear controlled my actions, my choices and my life in way too many ways for way too long! And the concept of ChasingStillness was born!

I made the decision to stop chasing after every "thing" that I was NOT and started practicing becoming more aware of where I AM in the moment. I made the decision to stop avoiding and running away from "my process" and began asking God, what He needed me to learn while in the process.

As I gave my "hustle" a rest, I practiced moving past fear, confronting the wounds of my soul and surrendering the pain in my heart over to the process of forgiveness. In the depths of my transformation experience, I learned to embrace the characteristics of my journey and celebrate every step along the way.

Is FEAR overwhelming you and keeping you away from joy, peace, love and prosperity? I hate to say it, but fear won't go away if you just ignore it or try to cover it up by being untrue to your soul. The only way to overcome fear is by discovering who God created you to be, the gifts He's given you and the purpose He has for you.

CHASING STILLNESS is a 6-week online journey of personal awakening.

CHASING STILLNESS is an opportunity tor you to say YES to your own journey of personal awakening. The process of transformation is waiting for you to accept her invitation.

I am looking for a select group of women to join me on this quest. A beta group of amazing women who know they are destined for more, yet they just don't know how to let go of the control and get out of their own way! Incredible women who are overachievers, yet they are exhausted. Beautiful women who desire to live in a place of acceptance, love, and admiration for who she is. Women who want to live full out AND be comfortable in her skin. Women who have so much to offer the world, yet they've gotten distracted and have settled for way too long. I am looking for a group of women who are committed to their own journey of personal awakening and are committed to Chasing Stillness!

This 6-week journey of Chasing Stillness begins NOW!

While this journey is online, it will very much be a personal experience that will awaken your mind, body, and soul to a NEW YOU!

Who do you know who is ready to . . .

  • Heal the wounds of her soul and get free from the anger, disappointment and hurt of her past?
  • Stop shrinking and learn how to give herself permission to celebrate her sparkle?
  • Create clear boundaries without apology, explanation or reason?
  • Empower her authentic voice and stand in her confidence?
  • Stop chasing the next thing and learn how to be content with her NOW?
  • Discover her TRUE identity and purpose and live it full out?
  • Develop a deeper intimacy with God and learn to recognize His voice?
  • Learn how to practice rest in the plan, purpose and promises of God?
  • Take her power away from FEAR and begin making decisions and choices that support her calling?

Chasing Stillness will give you access to a life-changing experience:

Participant Requirements:

  • Give yourself permission to be present and available for your personal awakening
  • Be open-minded and coachable
  • When you really want to resist, PRESS!
  • Complete each module (10-20 min) and exercise
  • Provide feedback, suggestions, and input
  • Expect BIG TIME breakthrough and REAL results
  • Make the decision to invest in yourself and say YES to becoming your greatest self!

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